City beach is located in the town just outside the hotel “Princess”. Its length is about 750m.


Pebble beach, length 1.000 m, surface 55.000 m2. The beach got its name because of the plucking of the hell in the sea, in order to shrink or “trile” and so to prepare for weaving.


This beach is located in a small bay, between Sutomore and Bar. It was named after the highly reddish sand. The length of the beach is 50m, the surface is 600 m2. This beach is linked to the legend, that on the high cliff above it were gathered the sea turtle Nereide and combed hair with coral combs. Their laughter and song were heard far, but nobody was allowed to speak about , because they would stay silent forever.


Kraljičina plaža is located near the summer resort of Čanj, in the northern part of the municipality. This small, but attractive beach can only be reached from the sea, with ford. It is surrounded by sedimentary rocks.