Hotel “ Adria “ is located in quiet part of Susanj, about 400 m from beach. With its own location and place, gives to tourist pleasant stay in peace and quiet area.

Hotel is characteristic with beautiful garden, who gives place a natural shade of grapevine, kiwi and trees of figs and nars. A unique environment, which makes hotel exterior special, radiates with warmth and silence, which attracts different categories of tourist.

“Adria” can praise with work, during a winter months, where our quests are mainly people from sport sphere, which are spending time on sport preparations in our town Bar.

At summer, we are hosts to the families with children, as well as to the groups of youth and adults, from Balkan and countries all around Europe.

We are also characteristic with tourist “MINI BUS” , who serves us to bridle the distance to the beach.

For arrivals in the hotel, there is no obstacle, all generations are our dear guests, no dilemma here.– HOTEL „ADRIA” 85000 Susanj, Bar


Bar is a city of olives, a naval gate of Montenegro, a city where three faiths and nations takes place in peace. It is a city of modernity, tradition and beauty.

The Bar area is located in the southeastern part of Montenegro, on the coast of the Adriatic Sea and covers an area of 505 km2. The length of the sea coast is 46 km, of which 9 km are the beaches, and the length of 65 km goes to Skadar Lake.

The origin of his name is interpreted differently. The Greek name is Antibareos, Roman Antibarum, the Slovenian name Bar. He lived a burning and interesting, “glorious” and tragic history, as evidenced by the frequent removals of conquerors and rulers. Today Bar is a modern, well-kept and very clean city.

A rich cultural and historical tradition is united in the area of Bar with unique gifts of nature, favorable climate and exceptional geographical position.

A pleasant Mediterranean climate attracts a large number of tourists every year. With an average of 270 sunny days a year, Bar is one of the sunniest cities of the Mediterranean. 44 km of seashore, of which more than 9 km are beaches, 65 km of the shore of the Skadar Lake and mountain massif dividing these two large water areas, make Bar the ideal destination for tourists who want to rest on beautiful beaches and enjoy the unspoiled nature , as well as for those who want to visit numerous cultural and religious monuments or to actively spend their holidays by engaging in numerous sports activities.


Susanj is place in community Bar, located between Sutomore and Bar . It is a small touristic place, quiet and peacefull, ideal choice for family vacation.

During the summer months, Susanj is full of tourists, only 1km far from the city/town and it almost represents its suburb. It is surrounded by preserved pine forests, which in the warm summer months represents a real refreshment.

A 2 km long pebble beach, enriches the beautiful promenade that connects Susanj with Bar, the ideal path for the evening sailing by the sea.

Thanks to the pine forest, Šušanj has a unique micro climate, which makes it an ideal for rest any time during the day. The Mediterranean climate, sea air and pine forests are suitable for the treatment of rheumatic and respiratory diseases.