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Hotel „Adria”

Hotel “ Adria “ is located in quiet part of Susanj, about 400 m from beach. With its own location and place, gives to tourist pleasant stay in peace and quiet area. Hotel is characteristic with beautiful garden, who gives place a natural shade of grapevine, kiwi and trees of figs and nars. A unique environment, which makes hotel exterior special, radiates with warmth and silence, which attracts different categories of tourist. “Adria” can praise with work, during a winter months, where our quests are mainly people from sport sphere, which are spending time on sport preparations in our town Bar. At summer, we are hosts to the families with children, as well as to the groups of youth and adults, from Balkan and countries all around Europe. We are also characteristic with tourist “MINI BUS” , who serves us to bridle the distance to the beach.

For arrivals in the hotel, there is no obstacle, all generations are our dear guests, no dilemma here.

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About city of Bar

Bar is a city of olives, a naval gate of Montenegro, a city where three faiths and nations takes place in peace. It is a city of modernity, tradition and beauty.
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About Susanj

Susanj is place in community Bar, located between Sutomore and Bar . It is a small touristic place, quiet and peacefull, ideal choice for family vacation.
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About sport tourism

The city of Bar is a “sports city”, a place where the athletes of different profiles are having sport preparations in the winter / spring period. As is commonly known, Bar represents the sunniest and hottest place in Montenegro, with a large number of sunny days in a year, and a favorable climate, which during the winter months manifests itself through pleasant temperatures, characteristic of other seasons.


Hotel “ Adria “ has a restaurant space with a capacity of 100 seats and the possibility of using the garden space, with a capacity of about 40 places. The restaurant is of a spacious type, air-conditioned, with a custom-made diet, based on the principle of a swedish table.

For the guests of the hotel is provided a tourist bus that frees every 15 minutes to Šušanjska beach and back, as well as to the “Red” sandy beaches.


Old town Bar

The Old Town fortress is the only monument of first category culture in Bar municipality. It is located on a steep cliff, inaccessible on three sides, at the foot of mountain Rumija. Its “ defence “ position and the source of drinking water were the most important reasons why Old town, unlike other cities on the coast, found on about 4 km away from the sea shore. Old Town Bar represents the largest urban agglomeration in ruins of Montenegro. There are preserved ten church buildings, mostly in ruins. Among numerous buildings of residential, public and sacral architecture in the city there are several significant architectural accomplishments, which, according to the way of construction and design, belong to different architectural styles and concepts – from Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance, to the Balkan-Oriental ones.

Castle of King Nikola

It was built in 1885 on the seashore. It consists of a large castle, a small castle, a chapel, a guardhouse and a winter garden. In 1910, a spacious dance hall was added. Within the castle there is a park with a large number of Mediterranean vegetation (among others, plutonic wood).

Today the castle is the Homeland Museum. In park of the castle there was a train “Ćiro” with two locomotives and two passenger cars. One of these was a royal family car, as a remembrance of the railway Bar – Virpazar, which was into traffic in 1908. Various cultural manifestations in city of Bar are held on the plateau in front of the castle in the summer.

Skadar lake

Skadar Lake is the largest lake in Montenegro and on the Balkan Peninsula, with an area of 369.7 km². Its length from Vranjina to Skadar is about 40 kilometers, and width in some places is 14 kilometers. According to seasons it changes its size, which is resulted with influence of water that receives from many rivers. Across the river Bojana it goes to the Adriatic Sea.

The lake has many islands and peninsulas with traces of history and valuable cultural heritage: Žabljak (15th century) – the capital of the former Zeta, Lesendro – a fortress on the rock in the middle of the lake, the fortress Grmožur.

Clear water and the preserved environment enabled the development of an extremely rich ecosystem. This is the only pelican habitat in southern Europe.

On shore of the lake there is a small town – River of  Crnojevići.

In vicinity there are the remains of the town of Oboda, where a printing house was placed, in which in 1494 the first book was printed in this part of Europe , the “Oktoih” .

Old Olive tree in Bar

The old olive tree in Mirovica is one of the oldest olive trees in the world and is considered the oldest tree in Europe.

Its age is estimated at over 2,000 years.

Due to its natural, morphological, ambient, aesthetic and historical values, this exceptional natural monument was declared a natural asset and was placed under the protection of the state in 1957.

This noble and long-lasting evergreen plant belongs to the domestic “Zutica” variety, which belongs to most of the trees on the Montenegrin coast.

Its wide, crooked, cormorant and reverberated tree extends over 10 meters with unusual and characteristic bulges and a large crust with beneficial fruits of the ovary and a small silvery gray-colored leaves, representing a unique visual benchmark and a kind of tourist attraction of Bar.

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